The Prize

Have your name used, with your permission, as a character in one of Eric's novels.
(Winners of this competition will appear in a future novel).

Over 15 Winners have already appeared as characters in previous novels.


Send an e-mail with the answers to the questions below to

An innocent hand will draw out the winners in time for the next novel 
(yes! that was a plural - sometimes there are multiple winners).

The winners will then be advised by e-mail by Eric directly, and their written permission sought.

When the novel is published, you will receive a free, personally-dedicated paperback copy from Eric.

The Rules

1) only 1 entry per person's name allowed. You can enter from anywhere in the world; no geographic restrictions apply.

2) your personal details will not be given, sold or otherwise passed-on to any third parties.

3) the competition is ONLY open to subscribers of Eric’s Newsletter – all competition entries must be sent using the email you used to subscribe. This will be validated.

4) if you choose to have your name withdrawn from the novel, you may do so by contacting Eric up to 1 month after the competition closing date. Use the Contact page.

5) Only your name will be used for the character. No personal details will be referenced.

6) The winner(s) understand NO compensation (financial or otherwise) will result from the use of their name as a character.

Now the hard bit...

The Questions

This is a two part process.

First, choose ONLY ONE set of 3 questions from ONE of the novels:

a) Where did Polanski start his killer-for-hire business?
b) Where did Mason obtain her knife?
c) Who was with her when she did?
a) How many bullets did Bridget fire in the Subway station?
b) What make of car did the Dane drive?
c) What was Phil hiding in his safe?
a) What was special about the entrance to Office 312?
b) What did Amy have for breakfast in Austria?
c) Who dedicated a novel to Enrique and what was it's title?
a) What were the names of the Learjet pilots?
b) What detonated the SANTA with Wheels explosives?
c) Neumann, Valverde - What other name did Enrique use?
a) What was the alias used by Cancelli when he hired the car?
b) Which of Katie's samplers, according to Amy, should Cancelli take to heart?
c) What colour was the van used in the assault on the Mafia compound?
a) How many bullets were used in the murder outside the Vatican wall?
b) How many bags of coffee did Katie have in her freezer?
c) What did Moretti do before becoming a Cardinal?
a) How many bullets did Cancelli fire inside the Lockheed L-100?
b) Where did Katie get the blood sample she needed to return to the U.S.?
c) What version of SANTA did Amy use in Dickens’ office?
a) What is Claire's surname?
b) What setting was used to destroy the holiday home?
c) Why did Dzubenko say what he did when he gave the Walther pistol to his friend?
a) What did Ayuso find in the cabin of the MACK truck?
b) What was stolen from the Bank?
c) How many shots did Snow fire from the .50 calibre rifle in total?
a) What is Will Abrams' nickname for his daughter?
b) What was Will Abrams' wife's name?
c) What was the name of the Special Operations unit where Grey used to work?
a) ¿Dónde empezó Polanski su empresa de sicario de alquiler?
b) ¿Dónde obtuvo su cuchillo Bridget?
c) ¿Quién estaba con ella cuando lo hizo?
there, that wasn't too difficult was it?

lastly, tell us why you would like to have your name in the novel (briefly please)

Don’t forget to include your FULL name as well as how you would like to see you name in print (i.e. abbreviations, nickname etc.).
Closing date for the competition:

April 30th, 2022

Best of Luck!